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About Us

Hebou Constructions (PNG) Ltd is a part of the Constantinou Group of companies and was originally founded by Sir George Constantinou Kt under the banner of Papuan Transport and Contractors Limited. Hebou was officially founded on the 23rd April 1969 as an earthmoving and contracting company replacing Papuan Transport and Contractors.

Hebou Constructions (PNG) Ltd listed on the Papua New Guinea Register of Companies in 1969 and was incorporated under the Companies Act 1997 in 1998. Today, Hebou has its head office at Saraga St, 6 Mile in Port Moresby.

The company’s shareholding (since the passing of Sir George) was fully transferred to the remaining founding shareholder Lady Maria Constantinou. His two sons, Kostas and Theophilus have always remained involved with the company, with Kostas becoming Chairman after the untimely passing of Sir George and Theophilus remaining as the ongoing Managing Director.

Kostas stood down as Chairman in 2016, with Sir Theophilus remaining the Managing Director throughout this period and Shareholder Representative (Lady Maria Constantinou).

Hebou Constructions history and sustained performance over the decades has ensured that the company retains its recognition and reputation for quality assured civil and associated works.


What we also do

We employ almost 400 Papua New Guineans. We look after their safety and welfare, training and career progression. Although we enjoy a reputation for quality construction and client focus, we are committed to continuously improving our project delivery along with adopting international standards. We work as a team with our clients, construction partners and suppliers to build communities in Port Moresby and Central and connect them with access and opportunity. We are a long time sponsor of community activities and local sporting organizations.

Our History

Hebou Constructions (PNG) Limited has grown successfully over its’ 50 year history; from a humble small scale contractor to the mid-tier internationally multi-disciplined civil contracting company that exists today.

Founded by the late Sir George Constantinou Kt with a founding fleet of a dozer, several trucks and other equipment purchased second hand from the Department of Works (originally under Papuan Transport and Contractors) Hebou Constructions established itself as civil contractor undertaking works throughout Papua New Guinea.

Hebou means “come together” in Motu language (common language in Central Province); this term has reflected the way the company has undertaken business in PNG and continues to do so today. One of the leading principles of this “togetherness” has being the promotion and development of the company’s national workforce, priding itself on up-skilling local resources and skills. The company provided social support to its’ national employees well outside the general terms of their employment as it continues to do today.

Hebou was and remains a family business, with the sons (Kostas and Theophilus) being instrumental in the company’s development and survival over the past 30 years. The entity seen today has grown despite many difficult and challenging periods and times; the persistence of the Sir George’s two sons has ensured the company has not only survived but prospered over the course of time.

Hebou provided the foundation for the successful Constantinou Group today, with the company diversifying in to quarrying, sawmilling, hotels and property development; all of which have been admirable success stories). The company has grown from a small contractor and plant hire to a reputable and recognised multi-skilled civil contractor undertaking projects under the guise of the State of Papua New Guinea (DOW and NCDC), AusAid, ADB, World Bank, JICA, EU and the private sector.

Although its’ operations lead the company throughout the country during its’ early development, the recent past has seen the Hebou concentrate its’ efforts within NCD and Central Province; however diversification in to the other provinces is once again afoot and the knowledge of past experiences available to aid this new path. The company prides itself on supporting the community, with Hebou involved in Buk Bilong Pikini (founder), aid posts and clinics, POM General Hospital, PNG Cricket and a multiple of community and settlement sports and education development programs. The company has and continues to reinvest in Papua New Guinea and its people.